Perfect North review from the Swedish Ambassador to Australia

Several weeks ago, on the launch day of Perfect North, I was honoured to be invited to morning tea with Mr Sven-Olof Petersson, the Swedish ambassador to Australia (there's a pic of he and I below).
Mr Petersson recently finished reading Perfect North and came back to me with this email:
"Dear Jenny,
Invited to Christchurch by the Kiwi government last week I brought your book. I must confess that it was hard to let go of it once I started reading. I understand completely why your publishing house asked to have a second book written by you.
Of course it was good fun to read about Stockholm and the streets I walked so many times. But what I see as your greatness as a writer Jenny, and what I loved so much in your book, is your ability to describe so well the different characters in the story with complicated, deep and wonderful personalities. As human beings are, they're full of untold feelings and always – as with all of us – have frequent second thoughts!
Thanks for a wonderful book. I would love to see it translated into Swedish!
Kind regards,
I'm humbled and thrilled by the opinion of a person who is not only so well-read, but who also knows so intimately the city that sets the scene for much of Perfect North!

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