Perfect North reviews are in!

Awaiting media reviews after a book's launch can be a stressful time. Wondering whether reviews will come through at all and, if they do, whether they'll be positive or not can feel a little bit like holding one's breath!

Fortunately my concerns have been put to rest with a series of very positive readings of Perfect North, including the following...


"This book is so unassuming it could easily slide under the radar of the entire book world. I am telling you now not to miss it ... Perfect North is beautifully told, and I picked it up after being informed it would appeal to those who liked Burial Rites. There are atmospheric similarities, particularly in the fact that some things can most certainly not be undone and must therefore be lived with and each situation made the most of. I loved this book, and it is a privilege to read such great quality work. I'm looking forward to Jenny Bond's next book, The President's Lunch. What will it be like?"
Mercey Valley


"I have been looking for a new author whose work I can fall in love with. I like the idea of supporting an Australian author but was not overly interested in specifically Australian stories. This book hit the mark in every way possible. It's a beautiful piece of writing but not too highbrow. The story, set in Sweden as well as smaller parts in the UK and USA, is one of adventure, love, loss and mystery - but I won't give away any of its several twists. Actually, the true part of the story is fascinating, but the entire novel is an unbelievably intricate and well-planned tale."


"It was absolutely thrilling. I genuinely thought the manuscript of Perfect North would never see the light of day but to have three publishers enthusiastic about my story … I was absolutely floored."
Culture Street


"Perfect North is a fictional account of one doomed expedition to the North Pole in 1897. Three Swedish adventurers set off for the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon but never returned. When their remains are discovered decades later, a young journalist sent to report on the tragedy discovers a journal of one explorer, filled with love letters to his fiancĂ©e. Perfect North is Jenny’s first novel, but the manuscript scored her a two-book deal with Hachette. Her second novel will be published in 2014 and she is currently working on her third."
Writing Bar

Canberra Weekly

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