You can't judge a book...

Have you ever been proud, surprised and impressed all at once?

Earlier this week I received my first copy of The President’s Lunch (in store Aug 1). I know the exact thoughts and processes that have gone into the development of this cover. But although I had seen proofs of the cover before, it was not until I had the book in my hands that I realised the full extent of its brilliance.

It is sexy and evocative and indicative of the era. As a cover, it’s superb!

I experienced a similar feeling when I first glimpsed the cover of the German version of Perfect North. Not only did the German publishers change the title to Unter dem Nordlicht (Under the Northern Lights), which is beautiful, they also completely bowled me over with the cover design. It perfectly evokes the mood and themes of the novel. I love it. I am extremely lucky. Thank you, Dumont Buchverlag!

More literal in concept, the Australian cover of Perfect North is also exquisite. The image of a young lady staring wistfully at a balloon in the sky communicates a powerful visual clue as to the contents of the book.

I adore all three covers. Which is your favourite?

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