Places of inspiration

Writers from Daniel Defoe and Herman Melville to Tim Winton and Yann Martel have used the ocean as the inspiration and setting for their novels. Winton has even written a wonderful children’s book called The Deep, about a young girl overcoming her fear of the sea.
I spent last week in the NSW seaside hamlet of Kiama, hoping to gain similar inspiration. My third novel centres around the pirate Sam Bellamy (aka ‘Black Sam’) and much of the action takes place in, on and around the sea.
It may not be the Caribbean (Sam Bellamy’s stomping ground), but I did find the coastline around Kiama to be extremely inspiring. During my morning walks along the harbour, up to the lighthouse and to the renowned Kiama Blowhole, I discovered that the ocean has many quickly varying moods and tempers. The trick will be bringing this to life in my book.
What types of places do you find inspiring?

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