Terrible Titles

I’ve been tagged by my friend and fellow writer, Rebecca James, to join in the Terrible Titles Blog Hop.

Here’s how it works:

Authors scroll through their current manuscript and let their cursor fall on random places. Those words or phrases become the alternate, terrible title for their novel. I’m scrolling through my latest manuscript, currently titled Hummingbirds. But after this, perhaps that title will change!

I’ve discovered some doozies hidden among the pages...

1. Tarnished Vase
2. Break Her
3. Fifty Hogsheads of Sugar
4. Troublesome Old Fart
5. The Most Profitable Brothel on the Island
6. Raw Iron and Earth
7. Gnarled Potatoes
8. Liberal Views

My personal favourite is Fifty Hogsheads of Sugar. The casual, not-too-attentive book browser might mistake it for Fifty Shades of Grey. It would fly off the shelves!

One of my favourite real-life bizarre titles is on a book by my author friend Mark Dapin - Fridge Magnets Are Bastards.

Captain Trimmer's self-published book won an award for
Oddest Title Of The Year in 1992, and went into second edition!
Malcolm Bradbury attracted attention
with this wonderful title.