Weird & wacky research

As an author of historical fiction I am frequently diverted down surprising and unusual roads in my pursuit of historical accuracy.

Below are the top five topics I’ve found myself researching in recent weeks.

  1. The treatment of bovine mastitis in Puritan New England. Rubbing peppermint oil on the udder eased the cow’s discomfort.
  2. Stage coach travel to and from London in the early 19th century. Expensive, slow and arduous. Click here if you’d like to learn more on this topic. It’s quite fascinating! 
  3. The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Architect Sir Christopher Wren conceived the dome, while Sir James Thornhill painted the inside of the structure. It features eight scenes from the life of St Paul.
  4. The funeral of Baroness Thatcher. It lasted three hours and I watched every minute on YouTube.
  5. The letter writing habits of Caribbean pirates in 1715. Those that were literate did correspond with loved ones at home. However, the chances of the letter ever reaching its destination were slim.

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