Jenny Bond is an author of historical fiction whose novels have been published in Australia, New Zealand and Europe and whose non-fiction titles have been published in Australia and the USA. 

An English teacher and an accomplished copywriter and researcher, Jenny has just completed her third novel.

"One of my non-fiction books was about the stories behind great novels - what it was that inspired the authors to write those books," Jenny says. "As I researched that book I realised that of course most writers were once in careers and roles that many of us inhabit. They simply had a great grasp of language and an urge to tell a wonderful story. I was an English teacher, so I guess that planted the seed of an idea that I should one day give it a go."
Jenny Bond, author of Perfect North
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Jenny earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education at Macquarie University. Prior to her reinvention as a writer, she held the position of Head of English at Eaton House The Manor in London’s Clapham Common. Jenny also taught English and Drama for eight years at a selective high school in Sydney.

"I have not spent even one day without a book by my side, so slipping from the act of reading into the act of writing didn't actually seem that much of a change," she says. "I get a little bit lost in the research and writing process and now I couldn't actually imagine life without it. The characters are fascinating to live with and sometimes it can be difficult to finally admit the book is finished, to actually send the manuscript away to the publisher."

Jenny has long been a fan of great historical fiction writers such as Hilary Mantel but also spends quality time with books by authors from other genres such as Margaret Atwood, Oscar Wilde, Peter Carey, Tim Winton, J.K. Rowling, Toni Morrison, Ian McEwan, Jane Austen, John Irving and E. Annie Proulx. 
Jenny with her sons in Canberra

Jenny enjoys keeping fit and loves to travel. She lives with her husband in Canberra where they enjoy spending time with their two young sons and their very lively dog.


Interview with Jenny Bond 

Before I was an author I … was an English teacher in Sydney (eight years) and London (four years). I spent much of my life analysing and discussing the world’s most respected books. For the last decade my husband and I have run a professional writing business called The Hard Word. During this time we wrote Behind The Bestsellers which looked into the backstory of 50 of the world’s bestselling books. Many were written by former teachers!

My inspiration for Perfect North was … strangely enough, the drive to write a novel began with a friendly argument with my husband about whether he was ever going to finish his novel! The story itself was inspired by a magazine article about a courageous but foolhardy Swedish balloon expedition to the North Pole in the late 1800s. 

I could describe Perfect North in these three words: epic, intimate, passionate. 

The hardest thing about writing the book was … The process of writing the novel I found quite natural and the story flowed very easily onto the page. My only real challenges came with making difficult choices for the characters I had come to care so much about. It also involved an enormous amount of research on the topics of arctic exploration, ballooning and Swedish life in the late 19th century, but I found this quite fascinating.

When I’m not writing I like to … travel, travel and travel – that’s right, I donate most of my income to Singapore Airlines. I also love spending time with my beautiful sons, and running on the mountain behind my house with my dog.